TopLine Super XL

Multiva TopLine Super XL is a durable and versatile harrow representing a new way of thinking considering seedbed cultivation. TopLine Super XL provides the user unparalled flexibility concerning the challenges of different drilling methods and cultivation conditions. This harrow can be used for light stubble work as well as traditional seedbed cultivation in ploughed or cultivated soil. This enables seedbed preparation and shallow stubble-cultivation in all conditions using this single machine. The strong tines ensure a high-quality result in all conditions this is even through research. TopLine Super XL equals a boost in efficiency, the heavy frame is designed for working speeds of up to 15 km/t .

  • Maximum durability and capacity 

  • 9 tine axles & exceptional long frame 

  • 12x65 TerraSuper tines 

  • For light stubble work, ploughed or cultivated soil 

  • 6 to 14,5 m working width

Exceptional frame structure

9 tine axles, 4.1m frame length and triple-bar frame structure.
The long frame and the optimal distribution of the tines ensure a powerful performance even on hard clay soil types after harvest. The flow through the machine ensures a very good mixing and even work result. The strength and weight of the frame also allows for unprecedented working speeds, even speeds of up to 15 km/h is possible.

The widest offering on the market

From 6 to 14.5 m working width. The product offering is compatible with all farm sizes. 7 different working widths from 6-14,5 m are available to ensure the perfect setup for all customers. The 6 and 7 m versions have a narrow transport width of only 3m, making them easy to transport on public roads. The largest 13 and 14,5 m harrows are utilizing an impressive double folding system to keep the machines safe and maneuverable on the road.

Unparalleled versatility

For light stubble work, ploughed or cultivated soil. The unique design of the harrow ensures a very versatile machine that will work in ploughed and cultivated soils as well as directly in the stubble. To increase flow in conditions with a lot of plant residue, the harrow can even be ordered with 12 cm tine spacing allowing more material to pass. In addition, the increased height of the tine also helps reducing blockages.

Organic farming/weed control

The TopLine Super XL can be fitted with a goosefoot tine point for a straight cut.

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TerraSuper tines

The well proven and strong 12x65 mm TerraSuper tine brings more clearance and strength compared to a traditional s-tine. The attack angle of the tine make it penetrate all soil types even the hardest ones. The TerraSuper tine is known for the good mixing effect is achieved and a superior depth stability due to the weight and shape of the tine. The tine point is mounted straight under the attachment point on the harrow frame => minimal deviations in working depth!

Wide flotation tyres and strong hubs

Large tire size 340/55-16 is standard. Big flotation tires keep the rolling resistance at a minimum. The dimension of the tires also helps combating harmful soil compaction, especially relevant when working in wet and sticky conditions. The TopLine Super XL utilizes durable axles and hubs benefitting the customer with a long-term use.

Front support wheels

To increase stability at higher speeds when performing shallow cultivation work, the TopLine Super XL can be equipped with front support wheels. The 13 and 14.5 m versions come with one front support wheel mounted in each side section as a standard feature. For the other models, the wheels are available as optional equipment. On the 13 and 14.5 m versions, even an extra wheel on each side is optional if needed.

10 cm tine spacing as standard for perfect seedbed

All Topline Super XL comes with a tine spacing of 10 cm as standard. This setup is optimal for the customer looking for a versatile machine but is prioritizing a very good seedbed result in cultivated or ploughed conditions.

12 cm tine spacing to allow more straw or plant residues

The 12 cm tine spacing is optional and allows for more plant material to pass through the frame. The wider tine spacing is more targeted to customers primarily looking for a light stubble cultivator or for organic farmers wanting to combat weeds using the goosefoot tine point.


In order to meet the local traffic legislations in different markets, a broad selection of brakes is available.
Different options are offered for the individual harrow models.

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Main accessories

Multiva harrows can be fitted with various accessories to tailor the machine to specific needs.

Standard accessories

TopLine Super XL models come with the following equipment as standard.

Rear accessories

Rear accessories can be selected based on the farm’s soils, climate, and cultivation needs. Two of the following accessories are possible at the same time and can be varied according to the needs.

Optional accessories

Technical specifications

TopLine Super XL 600 700 800 900 1000 1250 1500
Number of tines 59 67 77 87 101 129 143
Tine spacing, mm 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Number of tine axles 9 9 9 9 9 9 9
Working width, cm 600 680 780 880 1000 1300 1450
Frame length, cm 410 410 410 410 410 410 410
Transportation width, cm 300 300 360 360 440 440 440
Transportation height, cm 310 350 380 425 440 440 440
Power requirement, hp 140 180 220 250 280 360 400
Tyres 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16
Number of tyres 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
Weight, kg 4230 4880 5650 6090 7370 9320 11025

User story

Veikko Kuusinen The Metsola farm in Pertteli, Finland, mainly produces cereals, such as wheat, barley and oats but also rapeseed and hayseed. The Metsola farm features soil types ranging from silt to loam clay. In the spring, Kuusinen cultivates the stubble directly with the TopLine Super.
Kuusinen utilizes the Multiva DiscMaster disc cultivator as well as the TopLine Super XL harrow. He is pleased with his harrow. ”TopLine Super XL provides excellent flowing through of plant residue, and it is heavy enough for reaching theoptimal harrowing depth. The harrowing result is even, and the harrow runs steadily along the soil,” Kuusinen says. ”Based on my experience, I find that traditional s-tine harrows are too light for my farm’s soil and cultivation methods,” he adds.

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