About Multiva

Multiva is a brand for high quality agricultural machines, produced by Dometal Oy. The company is located in Loimaa, South-West of Finland and was founded in 1997.

Starting point of the company was the heavy clay soil of Loimaa region. Land is fertile but requires robust and effective tillage machines. Local farmers could not found suitable machines on the market and welcomed Multiva widely on their farms as the word spread around. The story of Multiva had started.  

Daughter Company Multiva Magyarország Kft. was founded in Hungary in 2013 to serve Central and Eastern European markets. Dometal Oy also aquired the Finnish manufacturer of Potila and Kverneland harrows that has more than 50 years of experience in soil cultivation. At the end of the year 2015 Dometal Oy purchased the seed drill and cultivation business of Vieskan Metalli Oy and continued producing high quality seed drills under the Multiva brand.

Multiva slogan – Cultivating the future – tells a great deal about the company’s culture. Dometal Oy is investing heavily in product development and testing as well as in the latest production methods, such as robotics. This guarantees modern and competitive solutions for customers all around. 

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