Multiva controllers

Multiva SeedPilot kit - for mechanical seeders

The Multiva SeedPilot control system is designed to increase the effectiveness of seeding work by making the controller as intuitive and visual as possible. All the active tasks and the status of the seeder can be seen and controlled from a single view of the control system. The learning to operate Multiva SeedPilot is also instant for new users as it is built to be as intuitive as possible. The durable 7” touch color screen is field-proven and responsive even in tough and dusty conditions.

Main page

Clear functionalities and high quality 7” touch screen

Work page

All the functionalities can be controlled and monitored from one page.

Settings page

The main work related settings are easily accessed from the work page.

Road transport page

In road transport mode for example possible brake accessory can be controlled.

Multiva Comfort kit - for mechanical seeders

The Multiva Comfort kit is a logical and effective controller for the seeders. It is equipped with a full range of features to control the seeder in a durable and compact housing. The high-quality controller is equipped with clear buttons to operate the software.

Topcon XD - for FX6000 air seeder

The Multiva Forte FX6000 air seeder is easy to operate with the ISOBUS-compatible Topcon controller, which offers compatibility with most tractors.

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