ISOBUS solutions

SeedPilot ISOBUS - for mechanical seeders

SeedPilot ISOBUS offers the advantages of modern and efficient control system combined with Isobus features and connectivity.

The officially AEF-approved ISOBUS system can be used through a wide variety of terminals.
With Multiva SeedPilot ISOBUS even variable rate of fertilizer can be applied with task controller and GNSS signal.

Seeder with Multiva SeedPilot Isobus can be connected to any certified Isobus tractors with ease. The usage of seeder control system through the tractor terminal eliminates the need of many displays inside the cabin. Multiva SeedPilot Isobus supports the application of tasks such as logging of data and adjustment of fertilizer remote control with the help of TC-GEO and GNSS signal.

Multiva SeedPilot Isobus equipped seeder can also be used with non-Isobus tractors with the help of a retrofit kit. It contains 7” Multiva Isobus add-on terminal and necessary wirings to enhance the tractors connectivity. The high-quality add-on terminal is a capable controller to use even with other Isobus implements and offers built-in GNSS guidance with the help of an add-on antenna. GNSS antenna and license package are also available to complete the system. The Multiva Isobus add-on terminal is also available with an in-cab connector to use as an extension terminal with Isobus tractors.

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