The Avaran harrow is characterized by the ingenious compact design and the multipurpose approach. The harrow is an effective tool for seedbed preparation in pre-cultivated and ploughed fields. Light stubble cultivation is also possible in good conditions with the wide tine spacing. The long and spacious frame allows for cultivation in different conditions. The 10x65mm TerraSuper tine brings superior depth stability and aggressive vibration benefitting the customer with a fine soil structure.  

  • A powerful harrow for a wide range of conditions  

  • 8 tine axles, very open frame  

  • 6 to 8m working width 

  • Sturdy 10x65 TerraSuper tines 

  • 3m transport width 

Open frame structure

The long frame with 8 tine axles of, evenly distributed throughout the frame, create the foundation for an open structure, allowing more plant residue to pass. As any true hybrid, the Avaran can be ordered with either 8 or 12cm tine spacing depending on the customer's needs. With the narrow tine spacing, the harrow cultivates the soil in a very aggressive way and leaves a very fine seedbed for the crop. On the other hand, the 12cm tine spacing allows farmers to work in conditions with a larger degree of plant residue and even directly in stubble if conditions are right.

Easy and secure working depth adjustment

The working depth setting is easy, accurate and adjustable at 5mm increments. Adjusting the working depth is a simple operation done at the center lifting cylinder in the middle section. The working depth is set by plates. Thanks to the easy system, the harrows are in a league of their own regarding the reliability and ease of use of the depth control. The hydraulic system for the depth control has a double check valve which guarantees that the pre-set depth is always maintained and not affected if any leaks in the tractor's hydraulics section.

TerraSuper tines

The vibration of Avaran’s 10x65mm TerraSuper tines is extremely aggressive. The ability to crumble the ground is in a class of its own. When using a denser tine spacing of 8cm, Avaran cultivates the soil very efficiently and produces a smooth cultivation base. Two different tine spacings are optional.

Weed control with every cultivation step

Straight goosefoot tine points are available the Avaran harrows. With goosefoot points, Avaran produces a very smooth seedbed. Goosefoot point is also a very effective tool for the prevention of weeds. Avaran with goosefoot points is an excellent cultivator for organic farming as well.

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8 cm tine spacing for very fine seedbed

The 8 cm tine spacing is targetted to customers who are seeking a very aggressive cultivation and fine seedbed result on ploughed and pre-cultivated soil.

12 cm tine spacing to allow more straw or plant residues

If choosing the Avaran with 12cm tine spacing, the machine will be able to handle more plant material and be utilized for seedbed preparation directly in the stubble if conditions are right.

Narrow transport width of only 3m

In order to suit the road- and traffic legislations of different countries, the Avaran has been specifically designed with a narrow transport width in mind. All working widths come with a transport width of only 3m.

Main accessories

Multiva harrows can be fitted with various accessories to tailor the machine to specific needs.

Standard accessories

Avaran models come with the following equipment as standard.

Rear accessories

Rear accessories can be selected based on the farm’s soils, climate, and cultivation needs. Two of the following accessories are possible at the same time and can be varied according to the needs.

Optional accessories

Technical specifications

Avaran 600 700 800
Number of tines 75/50 87/58 97/64
Tine spacing, mm 80/120 80/120 80/120
Number of tine axles 8 8 8
Working width, cm 600 700 800
Frame length, cm 330 330 330
Transportation width, cm 300 300 300
Transportation height, cm 300 340 390
Power requirement, hp* 140 180 220
Tyres 250/65-14.5 250/65-14.5 250/65-14.5
Number of tyres 8 8 8
Weight, kg** 3840/3620 4175/3920 4510/4220

* Traction power requirement is indicative and is defined for a working depth of 5 cm
** Incl. rear harrow and levelling board

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