Multiva eForte seeders have been designed to help the user to enhance the effectiveness and decrease costs of operation. The electric feeding system and flexibility of the Isobus control of the machine give possibilities for precision usage of inputs depending on the conditions as well as controlling of the seeding operation automatically. Multiva Forte can be used to seed plowed and cultivated fields as well as in no-till seeding. The choice of seeding method can be made flexibly according to the conditions.

  • SeedPilot Isobus controller as standard

  • Readiness for precision agriculture as standard

  • Exact seeding

  • Quick access to fertilizer

  • No-till, min-till or plowed fields

  • Low operating costs

Electric feeding - pioneering features

Multiva eForte seeders rotate seeding axles with electric motors. The ISOBUS connection offers the power to the simple and reliable feeding system. The electric motors in the feeding react instantly to the changes of the driving speed and the seeding amount. The electric feeding allows very high seeding amounts with normal driving speeds. The precision agriculture properties of the e-seeders are wide with the help of the Multiva SeedPilot controller. The variable rate application of seed, fertilizer and small seed with the help of prescription map and gps is in the machines as standard. In addition, the automatic headland management and half-machine shut-off with the help of section control is among the eForte seeders properties.

Success in all conditions

Multiva Forte seeding method is an excellent fit for farms with varying conditions and different farming methods. No-till seeding can be made even in the heaviest of soils thanks to the double-disc constructions and high coulter pressure. In the cultivated soils the seed can be placed optimally to the cultivation bottom exactly and evenly as desired.

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Versatile FX coulter

Multiva FX coulter is developed to offer unprecedented accuracy in seeding, durability and care-free hectares. The double-disc coulters with large disc diameter are very wear-resistant and service-free. The coulter doesn’t have any points that would require lubrication.

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Cost efficient seeding

The double-disc coulter cuts the soil efficiently and there is fewer coulters in the Forte models than in many traditional seeders. In addition, the transport wheels have a large diameter resulting in low rolling resistance. Due to these the power requirement and the fuel consumption are low with Forte seeders.

Precise adjustments with the renewed feeder

In Multiva eForte and eCerex seeders, the seeding rate is controlled by adjusting the rotational speed of the seeding axles with help of individual electric motors for all hoppers. The generously dimensioned feeder allows great seeding rates to be used. The unique design of the two-cell feeder makes the usage of very small seeding rates eg. with oilseed rape extremely precise. The change from seeding bigger seeds to small seeds is very easy to do by closing flaps in the two-cell feeder thus leaving only the fine seed roller in use. The window in the feeder unit makes observation or cleaning easy.

Fast and easy calibration

In Multiva e-seeders, calibration is easier than ever before. A crank is not part of the process anymore, the calibration test is performed with the help of the electric motors. All the values are automatically available in the controller, remote control and variable rate application of seed and fertilizer are standard features. The stainless-steel calibration trays are in two pieces for easy handling. They are inserted into the tray holders separately for seed and fertilizer on the machine's left side. The trays are handy to store in the same tray holders for easy operation and protection.

Smallseed / start fertilizer equipment

In the new Multiva seeders, the small seed / start fertilizer hopper is completely redesigned. The equipment is integrated into the main hopper but thanks to the movable wall even the small seed hopper's volume can be utilized as part of the main hopper if not in use. The material seeded from the small seed hopper can be flexibly placed either into the seed row or behind the coulters on top of the soil. The small seed / start fertilizer feeder is equipped with two cell feeder units. A wide variety of different materials can be seeded with the equipment. A pendulum dispenser is available for special light grass seeds to ensure the continuous flow of material.

Precise speed control

In Multiva e-seeders, the speed data can be provided by either the sensor at the rear axle of the seeder, or by the tractor ISOBUS. The user has full control over the appropriate source of speed data, depending on the specific circumstances. Thanks to this, feeding rates are always adapting precisely and instantly to the changes in driving speed.

Organic production

Multiva seeders are equipped with open and generously dimensioned feeding units that allow very large amounts of material to flow through. The fertilizer hopper is equipped with sieves and the metering rollers are with aggressive notching to allow great volumes of organic fertilizer per hectare to be used. Seeder can be equipped with fertilizer dispenser axle that ensures steady flow of material with high rates of feeding. With Multiva seeders different crops can be seeded to different depths from different coulters at the same time. As an example beans from the fertilizer hopper and small seeds from the seed hopper. This is possible thanks to the independent depth adjustment for the coulters.

Easy to adjust coulter pressure

The coulter pressure is adjusted directly with tractor hydraulics between 50-250kg. The coulter pressure is easy to monitor as an example from the SeedPilot terminal. Each coulter has their own pressure cylinder which ensures a stabile seeding depth regardless of uneven fields surfaces. With the hydraulic coulter pressure system, smooth coulter action is achieved thus very precise seed placement is achieved.

Great seeding capacity

Multiva Forte seeders have large hoppers and high road transport speeds can be used even with hoppers full. With Multiva seeder the work is easy and effortless and the operator can focus fully on controlling the machine. The middle wall of the hopper can be adjusted and the tarp is self-rolling.

Remote control of fertilizer or seed

With the electric feeder motors, the remote control of seed and fertilizer can be optimized for the soil type or conditions. The amount of seed or fertilizer can be changed easily from the controller. In the SEEDPILOT ISOBUS controller, the remote control can be adjusted automatically as variable rate application according to premade prescription maps with the help of GPS.

Additional features with accessories

Multiva seeders can be equipped according to the customer's needs with a wide range of accessories.

Technical specifications

eForte 300 400
Working width, cm 300 400
Transportation width, cm 300 409
Hopper filling height, cm 215 215
Hopper volume, l 3800 5300
Small seed hopper volume, l 370 510
Coulter pressure, kg 50-250 50-250
Number of coulters 20 26
Row spacing, mm 150 154
Work speed, km/h 8-12 8-12
Tyre size 250/80-18 250/80-18
Power requirement, hp 90 120
Weight, kg 4200 5500

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