eCEREX 600

The new Multiva eCerex 600 is a seeder for professional farms who seek high capacity and precision of work together with unparalleled flexibility. Multiple materials can be seeded at the same time from 4 different hoppers for example to different rows and placement depths. The eCerex 600 is capable of seeding in varied conditions from ploughed soft soils to mulch seeding and even limited no-till can be performed.

The seeder utilizes proven Cerex precision type coulters with safe method for seed and fertilizer placement close to each other but separately. The seeder’s advanced Isobus control system SeedPilot Air offers intuitive and easy to learn interface, flexible and easy set-up of tramlines, Section Control headland management and automatic shutoff of working width as well as variable rate application.

  • Flexible seeding options with up to four hoppers

  • For plowed fields, min-till or limited no-till

  • SeedPilot Air Isobus control interface

  • Exact seeding

  • Large seeding amounts

  • Large hopper size: 6,5m3

  • Various equipments to complete the seeder

Flexible seeding and large hopper

Multiva can be equipped with three separate hoppers and even fourth hopper can be added to the front of the machine. This with independent coulter adjustment gives great and varied possibilities to seed different materials through different coulters to right seeding depths. The large hopper size 6500 litres makes a high work achievement possible.

Multiva eCerex is developed for high level of flexibility. For example at one pass grass seed can be seeded from every second coulter with shallow depth setting and cereals from every second coulter with deeper setting. Also the output from the two main hoppers can be switched from one distributor to another.

Advanced control functions

Multiva eCerex 600 utilizes the user friendly and advanced SeedPilot Air Isobus control system.
The SeedPilot Air interface is very intuitive and easy to learn and operate with easily monitored visual environment. The control system is as standard supporting the precision farming features like variable rate application for all 4 hoppers as well as automatic seeding shutoff for 2 main distributors with the help of Section Control functionality. The shutoff can be made as headland management for the whole machine width or with 8 sections.

Precision type coulter

The already well tested Cerex seeders offer combination of precision type coulter with reliable and service free construction and very exact seed and fertilizer placement.

More details

Flow control

The eCerex 600 incorporates a flow control system which allows the user to freely adjust to all sprayer widths, tramline widths and sprayer track widths. This gives great flexibility for the operation of the seeder. The blockage monitoring and Section Control features are also built into the flow control system.

Sequence control

The eCerex 600 has the acting tools controlled with sequence control easily from the SeedPilot Air controller. The user sets-up the sequence and utilizes the easy headland management.

Multipurpose method

The Multiva eCerex 600 is an excellent fit for farms with varying conditions and different farming methods.

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Trustworthy feeder and airlines

Multiva eCerex 600 utilizes reliable and precise Multiva feeder technology. The seeding of different materials and rates are achieved with changing the feeder roller and the servicing and cleaning is easy thanks to the closing flap.
The seeder has been build for suitability to demanding Nordic conditions with high seed and fertilizer rates. The rates needed for example in spring seeding are achievable in practical conditions and high driving speeds.

Easy seeding and soil preservation

Multiva eCerex is equipped with large wheels that rotate well even on softer soils. The offset design of the wheels ensures problem free rotation without floating or blockages. The wheels have a large surface area which prevents harmful compaction of the headlands on operation. The low pulling resistance of the wheels together with optimal and economical coulter angle means that Multiva eCerex 600 is one of the lightest machines to pull on the field thus saving costs.

Main accessories

Technical data

eCEREX 600
Working width, cm 600
Transportation width, cm 300
Hopper filling height, cm 310
Hopper volume front, l 2750
Hopper volume rear, l 3300/3750
Small seed hopper volume front, l 400
Small seed hopper volume rear, l 450
Max coulter pressure, kg 120
Number of coulters 40
Row spacing, mm 150
Work speed, km/h 8-12
Tyre size 250/80-18
Power requirement, hp 200
Weight, kg 9650

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