The CrossLine represents a new generation seedbed harrow for cultivated and ploughed soils. The dense tine spacing ensures very intense cultivation throughout the working width. Especially farmers wanting to achieve the perfect finish on heavier soil types prior to seeding high-value small seeds will appreciate the new CrossLine harrow. The big wheels and optional front support wheels ensure a very precise working depth even at operation speeds up to 15 km/h. The intense cultivation effect carried out by the 9 rows of tines and the effective rear tools allows the customer to choose the right setup for the targeted use. 

  • Intensive seedbed preparation on heavy soils 
  • 9 tine axles with dense,  65 mm tine spacing  
  • 6 to 14,5m working width 
  • 10x45 TerraFlex tines 
  • 340/55-16 tyres as standard

Second-to-none crumbling and levelling

The harrow is specifically designed with high value crops in mind. The aggressive cultivation of the 9 tine rows and the powerful rear tools creates a very fine structure of the seedbed with a larger amount of fine soil around the seed in particular important when growing high value small seeded crops such as sugar beets, canola and grass seed. The cultivation effect means that the number of passes needed before drilling can be reduced and efficiency increased. The harrow is at its best when cultivating heavy ploughed or pre-cultivated soils.

Superior durability

The CrossLine is based on a triple-bar structure and HD bearings are used to create a very durable basis. Furthermore, 9 tine axles and a long frame of 4.1m brings powerful cultivation and a steady frame even at high speeds. An optimal distribution ensures clog-free operation and a straight pull.

65 mm tine spacing and TerraFlex tine

The well-proven tine with very precise depth control and aggressive vibration ensures the right distribution of soil particles, a very aggressive cultivation and perfect finish even on heavy clay. Tine spacing of 65 mm with 43 mm tine point matches precision seedbed cultivators. Less than 20mm in between the points means that in reality everything is cultivated. CrossLine is in a different class than traditional seedbed cultivators.

Wide flotation tires

Big flotation tires assure keeps the rolling resistance at a minimum. The dimension of the tires also helps to combat harmful soil compaction, especially relevant when working in wet and sticky conditions. The CrossLine utilizes durable axles and hubs benefitting the customer with long-term use.

Front support wheels

To increase stability at higher speeds when performing shallow cultivation work, the CrossLine can be equipped with front support wheels. The 13 and 14.5m versions come with one front support wheel mounted in each side section as a standard feature. For the other models, the wheels are available as optional equipment. On the 13 and 14.5m versions, even an extra wheel in each side is optional if needed.

Main accessories

Multiva harrows can be fitted with various accessories to tailor the machine to specific needs.

Standard accessories

CrossLine models come with the following equipment as standard.

Rear accessories

Rear accessories can be selected based on the farm’s soils, climate, and cultivation needs. Two of the following accessories are possible at the same time and can be varied according to the needs.

Optional accessories

Technical specifications

CrossLine 600 700 800 900 1000 1250 1500
Number of tines 90 102 120 135 153 200 223
Tine spacing, mm 65 65 65 65 65 65 65
Number of tine axles 9 9 9 9 9 9 9
Working width, cm 600 680 780 880 1000 1300 1450
Frame length, cm 410 410 410 410 410 410 410
Transportation width, cm 300 300 360 360 440 440 440
Transportation height, cm 310 350 380 425 440 440 440
Power requirement, hp 140 180 220 250 280 360 400
Tyres 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16
Number of tyres 8 8 8 8 10 10 14
Weight, kg 4230 4880 5650 6090 7370 9320 11025

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