Innovative solutions for new practices

At present, new farming practices are thriving. Hybrid farming, organic farming or no-till are examples of the innovative minds of farmers. Always looking ahead in a continuously changing world has led to new practices adopted by farmers around the planet. All the time, farmers evaluate their practices on the path to develop a more economic and environmentally sustainable way of producing food and products.

Multiva aims to meet the demand of innovative spirits, looking for efficient machinery to accomplish the daily tasks.

For the developing carbon farming methods, Multiva offers tools with no-till seeders and minimum tillage equipment.


Solutions for weed management

To meet the requirement of farmers looking to combat weeds prior to drilling or after harvest, we offer the TopLine Super XL and Avaran harrows.

The two harrows are equipped with our strong TerraSuper tine ensuring a minimum variation in terms of working depth.

The weed control can be performed by utilizing a 140 mm goosefoot tine point to obtain a shallow and straight cut. The goosefoot tine point in combination with unique two-row rear harrow allow the weeds to be cut and pulled to the surface and left to dry out.

The efficiency of the machines can be further increased by mounting a seed hopper, allowing to drill cover crops, OLS or other species as well as cultivating at the same time. To cope with the challenges in dry conditions, even the TopLine Super XL can be fitted with a rear hitch allowing to pull a field roller behind to conserve moisture and increase accessibility to water for the small seeds.

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