Brake systems for harrows

In order to meet the local traffic legislations in different markets, a broad selection of brakes is available. Different options are offered for the individual harrow models.

Optima EVO

Hydraulic brakes 

Hydraulic 1-line brakes are optional for the Optima EVO 800-1000 models. The brakes are mounted on the single wheels of the harrow’s middle frame.

The system has been equipped with mechanical parking brake.

Combination brakes

Combi brakes are available for Optima EVO 800-1000 models. The system van be utilised as either one-line hydraulic brakes or as two-line airbrakes.

The versatile system is equipped with connections for hydraulic or air brake. Mechanical parking brake is also included in the brake system.


Topline Super XL and Crossline 

Hydraulic brakes 

The Topline Super XL and CrossLine models are available with 1-line hydraulic brakes. The brakes are fitted to the boogies in the center section. 

Pneumatic brakes 

In addition to the hydraulic option, the Topline Super XL and CrossLine models are also offered with a pneumatic brake system. Multiva offer a 2-line pneumatic system based on reliable components known from the truck industry. The pneumatic brakes also include a parking brake to improve safety.  

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