Optima T

Optima T is a powerful harrow for any soil type. Its spacious frame structure, flotation tyres and sturdy TerraFlex tines make Optima an excellent harrow for varying conditions. 

Optima T has been used and tested on thousands of farms for years, and it has been proven to work on lighter soil types as well as on heavy clays. 

  • A powerful harrow for varying soils

  • 7 tine axles, very strong frame

  • 6 to 10 m working width

  • Sturdy 10x45 TerraFlex tines

  • Large tyres on offset bogies

  • Effective rear accessories

Spacious frame

Optima T harrows have 7 tine axles, and a frame length of 3 meters, providing an unmatched levelling effect and clog-proof operation. The two oversized lateral frame elements bring exceptional stability, resulting in a harrow that is fit for tough conditions.

Easy and secure working depth adjustment

The working depth setting is easy to use, accurate and adjustable at 5 mm increments.

Even working depth

The rigid and durable Multiva TerraFlex tine ensures an even seedbed and cultivation layer, making conditions for sprouting most favorable. Optima T is a heavy harrow, but large tyres keep the set working depth regardless of the soil type.

A harrow that grows

Optima T600 can be extended to T700, and T800 can be extended to T900. The extensions are easy to mount with bolts.

Main accessories

Multiva harrows can be fitted with various accessories to tailor the machine to specific needs.

Standard accessories

Optima T models come with the following equipment as standard.

Rear accessories

Rear accessories can be selected based on the farm’s soils, climate, and cultivation needs. Two of the following accessories are possible at the same time and can be varied according to the needs.

Optional accessories

Technical specifications

Optima T 600 700 800 900 1000
Number of tines 79 97 105 117 129
Tine spacing, mm 75 75 75 75 75
Number of tine axles 7 7 7 7 7
Working width, cm 600 700 800 900 1000
Frame length, cm 300 300 300 300 300
Transportation width, cm 340 340 340 340 420
Transportation height, cm 285 335 360 405 455
Power requirement, hp* 100 120 140 160 200
Tyres 250/65-14.5 250/65-14.5 300/65-12 300/65-12 300/65-12
Number of tyres 8 8 8 8 8
Weight, kg** 3100 3500 4450 4850 5190

* Traction power requirement is indicative and is defined for a working depth of 5 cm
** Incl. rear harrow and levelling board

User story

In the South Eastern part of Denmark, at the island of Lolland, Øllingsøe manor is operating a specialized farming operation consisting of 650 hectars. In addition to the farm land, the property also consists of 165 hectars of forest land. The majority of the farmland is fertile soil with a high amount of clay.
Øllingsøe manor retired the plough and implemented min-till app. 7 years ago to boost efficiency while improving the soil structure as well. 40 percent of the cultivated area is utilized to grow winter wheat, the rest of the land is covered by spring barley, spinach for seed, green peas and sugar beets.
In winter 2021, Øllingsøe manor decided to invest in a new Multiva Optima T 1000 seedbed cultivator. The Optima T is utilized to prepare the seedbed of all the spring crops.
Before the manor decided on the Optima T, the market was thoroughly investigated. The aim was to invest in a powerful seedbed cultivator with low running costs and a long lifetime. Furthermore, the machine had to be able to perform well in min-till conditions with a larger degree of residues. The long frame of the Optima T was one of the turning points in the decision-making process.
The seedbed cultivator is praised for the simple and precise depth control, the even and stable working depth. Øllingsøe manor points out that the precision stays at the same level, even at high operating speeds. Øllingsøe manor had some specific requirements which Multiva was open to meet and made the purchase a very positive experience.

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