Topline Super XL

Topline Super XL



TopLine Super XL - For All Seedbed Preparation

Multiva TopLine Super XL is a strong and versatile harrow, that represents new thinking in seedbed cultivation. Topline Super provides the user unparalled flexibility concerning the challenges of different drilling methods and cultivation conditions. This harrow can be used for stubbled, plowed or minimum tillaged soil – producing a seedbed proven to be even through research.  

The harrow has a highly permeable structure and high-performance tillage capabilities. This enables seedbed preparation and shallow stubble-cultivation in all conditions using this single machine.

Multiva Experience

Veikko Kuusinen The Metsola farm in Pertteli, Finland, produces cereals, such as wheat, barley and grain. They also cultivate rapeseed and hayseed. The Metsola farm features soil types ranging from silt to loam clay. In the spring, Kuusinen cultivates the stubble directly with the TopLine Super. If necessary, he cultivates the soil before harrowing with the Multiva DiscMaster disc cultivator.

Kuusinen utilises the Multiva DiscMaster disc cultivator as well as the TopLine Super XL harrow. He is pleased with his harrow. ”TopLine Super XL provides excellent perforation, and it is heavy enough for reaching the optimal
harrowing depth. The harrowing pattern is even, and the harrow runs steadily along the soil,” Kuusinen says. ”Based on my experience, I find that traditional spring tine harrows are too light for my farm's soil and cultivation methods,” he adds.
Kuusinen has positive experiences with Multiva. In fact, he has had several Multiva machines. He switched to the first generation Multiva TopLine Super harrow several years ago due to the fact that it was among the first stubble harrows on the market. He is especially pleased with Multiva's warranty: ”Multiva has performed well in aftersales marketing.”


Product features

New-generation tine

The high and aggressive Multiva TerraSuper -tine creates an extremely even seedbed and excellent cultivation results.
  • The strong and high, 12 x 65 mm Terra Super tine is utilised in TopLine Cross and TopLine Super XL harrows
  • The strong material and size of the tine guarantee an excellent cultivation result even in the most demanding conditions.
  • The height of the tine is 50 cm from the attachment point to the tip of the blade.
  • The tine holds very well the cultivation depth.
  • 60 mm blade as a standard feature
  • 140 mm goosefeet blade as an alternative

Manufactured of strong material, Multiva TerraSuper is an extremely robust tine. The tine produces an even seedbed and good cultivation results on any kind of soil. The Multiva TerraSuper tine’s excellent cultivation attributes are utilised in Multiva TopLine Super harrows that also enable seedbed cultivation in stubble.

Best sprouting with Multiva

Even working depth means an even seedbed and cultivation layer, which ensure the best possible conditions for sprouting. Multiva TerraFlex and TerraSuper tines have an excellent tine geometry that maintains the working depth under load better than equivalent tines on the market. This ensures the best and most even seedbed for sprouting.

TOPLINE SUPER XL in seedbed cultivation

On stubble

A possibility to conduct seedbed cultivation directly on stubble without a need to cultivate the soil beforehand makes TopLine Super XL a revolutionary novelty. This is possible thanks to the exceptionally strong TerraSuper tine, unique penetrability and advanced and well tested tine spacing.



On the ploughed field

TopLine Super XL produces a provenly even seedbed. Thanks to the robust front levelling board and cage roller, crumbling and levelling effect are of first-class quality. The cultivation result of the field ploughed with Multiva TopLine Super XL is much better than with a normal S-tine harrow and with fewer passes.



On stubble cultivated field

The versatility of the Multiva harrows is emphasized with stubble cultivation. With the TopLine Super XL harrow, you are able to cultivate in all conditions and regardless of preceding cultivation. With the TopLine Super XL harrow, a good cultivation result is not sacrificed but the field surface and seedbed are even, just like they should be in high quality seedbed preparation.



TOPLINE SUPER XL in other cultivation

In minimum tillage

Light stubble cultivation after harvest does not compact the soil but mulches the straw effectively. Also volunteers and weeds germinate and the decomposition of straw begins. The high work efficiency of the TopLine Super XL provides new possibilities for light stubble cultivation in the autumn as well mulching of muck. However, TopLine Super XL is not a cultivator and light stubbel cultivation is possible only in good conditions.


In straw harrowing

Straw harrowing in the autumn in which plant residue is spread without breaking the surface of the field extensively can also be conducted with the TopLine Super XL harrow. Straw harrowing promotes the even drying of the field in the spring to be ready for sowing. By leaving the field on stubble the loss of nutrients due to surface runoff can be avoided. Straw cultivation performed with TopLine Super XL is an ecological and inexpensive alternative for e.g. no-till/direct seeding farmers.


Weed cultivation

In many organic farms, weeds are eliminated by fallows and mechanical cultivation. Goosefeet tine points available for Super XL harrow help to cut weed roots in the whole working width of the harrow. Goosefeets lift the weed roots to dry on the ground which can be regarded as efficient mechanical elimination of weeds.



Easy and safe to use

TopLine Super XL- models frame construction has been completely renewed. Harrows center of gravity is optimal so that sufficient weight is distributed also to the drawbar making the transport more safe. Larger tyres and easier adjustment of rear accessories makes the harrow even more pleasant to use.


Handy adjustment of cage roller and rear harrow

Adjustment of cage roller and rear harrow is made easily and quickly with crank delivered together with the harrow. Rear harrow has now possibility to deflect if the harrow is reversed against obstacle.





Safe to transport

Middle sections boggie is moved more to the back so that greater amount of the harrow weight is distributed to the drawbar. Also the harrows clearence to the ground during road transport has been increased.

Effective cultivation with resistance to clogging

Thanks to the cage roller that comes as standard and the double row rear harrow available as an optional extra, TopLine Super XL harrows offer a high level of cultivation efficiency and are resistant to clogging.

Topline Super XL - to conclude

  • Frame bars height 120 mm => 54% more durable frame
  • Exceptionally open construction
    • Nine tine axles
  • Strong Multiva TerraSuper 12 x 65 mm tine
  • Tine spacing 100 mm, and 65 mm wide point
    • similar to a tine spacing of appr. 80 mm
  • Extremely sturdy 4,1 m long frame
  • Rear harrow deflects if reversed to object
  • The unique double-bladed front levelling board
  • Large flotation tyres
  • Sufficient weight on tine
Technical tables
Topline Super 600 700 800 900 1000 1250 1500
Number of tines 59 67 77 87 101 129 143
Tine spacing, mm 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Number of tine axles 9 9 9 9 9 9 9
Working width, cm 600 680 780 880 1000 1300 1450
Frame length, cm 410 410 410 410 410 410 410
Transportation width, cm 300 300 360 360 440 440 440
Transportation height, cm 310 350 380 425 440 440 440
Power requirement, hp 140 180 220 250 280 360 400
Tyres 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16
Number of tyres 8 8 8 8 10 10 14
Weight, kg 4230 4880 5650 6090 7370 9320 11025

Topline Super XL -Accessories

TopLine Super XL 600 700 800 900 1000 1250 1500
Rear harrow, 2-row X X X X X X X
Cage roller X X X X X X X
Side section bogie Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Goosefoot blades X X X X X X X
Spare wheel X X X X X X X
Light set X X X X X X X
Front support tyres - X X X Standard Standard Standard



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