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Optima T – Versatile and powerful harrow

Optima T is a powerful harrow for varying soils. Its spacious frame structure, flotation tyres and sturdy tines make Optima an excellent harrow for varying conditions. Optima has been used and tested on thousands of farms for several years, and it has been proven to work on both lighter soil types as well as clay.

Multiva experience

Farm Manager Zsolt Podgornik works at 1500-hectare farm at Nagyhegyes in the Hajdúság region, one of the largest agricultural areas of eastern Hungary. The farm utilises modern technology. For example, most of the fertile land is irrigated with an automatic system. The intensive farming operations enable the farm to focus on producing high-yield products for stable markets. The farm cultivates corn, pea, bean, potato, sugar beet and sunflower. Most of these plants require irrigation, or at least benefit from it.

All of the plants are seeded in the spring, which requires the use of high-capacity cultivators. When it was time to procure a new harrow, the farm began looking for machines with the working width of at least 10-12 metres. ”The large working width was a key requirement, but Multiva stood out with its premium quality,” says Zsolt Podgornik. The farm procured the Optima T 1250, which was commissioned in the spring of 2014 for seeding and fertilising. The harrow was pulled with a 400-hp tractor, cultivating at a high speed and a greater working depth. Thanks to the farm's approach, there was no need to worry about the soil drying up: seeding is done immediately after cultivation, after which the soil is irrigated.

In the spring of 2015, the farm performed shallow cultivation for sugar beet. The heavy tractor that was in use the previous spring would have been too heavy for the ploughed field. ”The smaller tractor performed well enough on most fields, and whenever the tractor struggled, we would remove the outer parts, using the harrow in the width of 10 metres. The customisability is greatly beneficial,” Pogornik states. – ”Optima T is suitable for highly detailed work.”

Product features

Resizable harrow

Optima is in a league of its own in terms of adaptability. On some models, even the working width can be increased whenever necessary.

The Optima T600 can be extended into T700, and T800 can be extended into T900. The extensions area easy to mount to the chassis with bolts. The harrow's depth control is also easy to use and accurate.

The best cultivation efficiency in their class

The Optima T models feature a rigid, durable Multiva TerraFlex tine that maintains the working depth accurately. Even working depth produces an even seedbed and cultivation layer, creating the ideal sprouting conditions. Optima is a heavy harrow, but its flotation tires allow it to maintain the set working depth regardless of the soil type. Thanks to its long chassis and axle design, the harrow can be used on heavy clay soils as well.

Multiva TerraFlex tine

  • Optima T models have 10 x 45 mm Multiva TerraFlex tines.
  • It is a rigid tine with a good depth-holding ability.
  • The height of the tine is 42 cm from the attachment point to the tip of the blade.
  • The tine produces a perfectly even seedbed which provides ideal conditions for sprouting.
  • Thanks to new optimal tine geometry, the tine is very durable.
The Multiva TerraFlex tine is rigid and durable with good depth-holding ability. Thanks to its optimal tine geometry, the tine hardly rises from the cultivation depth. As a result, depth alteration is also minimal when the soil type changes.

Best sprouting with Multiva

Even working depth means an even seedbed and cultivation layer, which ensure the best possible
conditions for sprouting. Multiva TerraFlex and TerraSuper tines have an excellent tine geometry that
maintains the working depth under load better than equivalent tines on the market. This ensures the
best and most even seedbed for sprouting.

Optima in nutshell:

  • Wide and clogging-free structure
  • Robust frame structure
    • steady and even run
  • Durable Multiva TerraFlex 10 x 45 mm tine
  • Tine spacing 75 mm, and 42-mm blade
    • similar to a tine spacing of appr. 70 mm
  • Robust 80-mm front levelling board tine
  • Rear levelling board as option
  • Large rotation tyres
  • All joints are greasable
  • Sufficient weight on tine
Technical tables
Optima T600 T700 T800 T900 T1000
Number of tines 79 91 105 117 129
Tine spacing, mm 75 75 75 75 75
Number of tine axles 7 7 7 7 9
Working width, cm 600 700 800 900 1000
Frame length, cm 300 300 300 300 410
Transportation width, cm 340 340 340 340 420
Power requirement, bhp 100 120 140 160 200
Tyres 250/65-14.5 250/65-14.5 300/65-12 300/65-12 340/55-16
Weight, kg * 3100 3500 4450 4850 7030

*(incl. rear harrow and levelling board)

Accessories of Optima harrows

Optima T600 T700 T800 T900 T1000
Rear harrow X X X X X
Rear levelling board X X X X X
Full wide front board X X X X X
Hydr. depth adj. & side sec. boggie Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Cage roller X X X X X
300/65-12 tyres - - Standard Standard -
340/55-16 tyres - - - - Standard
Spare wheel X X X X X
Light set X X X X X
Front support tyres - - - - Standard
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