TRM HD dumper trailers

TRM HD trailers are designed for demanding earthmoving applications. Thanks to their efficiency, durability and a good selection of accessories, the trailers are the perfect transportation solution for contractors as well as large farms. Special wearing steels in the body and a sturdy chassis ensure a long lifetime and a reliable tool even for the heaviest of uses. The trailers are also extremely versatile and user-friendly thanks to the good equipment level.

  • Carefully finished products
  • High quality trailers
  • Strong body made from Hardox
  • Durable chassis
  • Low overall height
  • Versatility with accessories

Durable body from special steel

Hardox wear steel plates combined with Ruuki Double Grade steel tube bars help us to build extremely reliable and durable trailers.

High tipping angle, excellent emptying

High tipping angle and a completely smooth body from the inside without any crosswise welding seams make the emptying of the trailer very efficient. The wide trailer is also very stable to tip thanks to the double tipping cylinders used.

Low overall height, great stability

TRM HD trailers are designed with a total height as low as possible and have a wide track width. The low overall height of the trailer means a low point of gravity, this increases the stability of the trailer greatly and also makes the loading efficient.

Pioneer of rectangular tube frame construction

The basic structure of Multiva trailers has always been the tube bar chassis. The structure has extreme torsional strength. High material strengths and thoughtful structural details combined with Ruukki’s Double Grade steel further increase the strength of the chassis.

Drawbar suspension

Hydraulic drawbar suspension is an original Multiva solution that makes the transports stable and pleasant. The hydraulic system neutralizes the unevenness and bounces caused by the road surface efficiently and without rocking or jumping. The solution also lessens the stresses for the tractor and trailer in the road driving speeds.

Practical roll cover for easier usage

The roll cover which is available as an accessory is safe and easy to use. The cover is rolled from the middle of the trailer to the front with a crank delivered with the equipment. The load is covered quickly and safely without climbing. Using a cover ensures also the hygienic quality of the transported load.

Optional accessories

Technical specifications

Body volume, m³ 9,9 10,5
Volume with extension, m³ 19 20,4
Volume with silage extension, m³ 36,2 38,8
Capacity, tons 16 18
Axles Boggie Boggie
Brakes 4 wheel (400x80) 4 wheel (400x80)
Drawbar suspension hydr. hydr.
Inner dimesions L*W*H 550*238*75 590*238*75
Height with standard tyres, cm 190 210
Full width, cm 255/260 255/260
Standard tyres 550/45-22.5 600/50R22.5
Tip 2*6 2*6
Tip oil requirement, l 30 38
Steel quality, bottom/sides hardox/hardox hardox/hardox
Weight with standard equipment, kg 3850 4580


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