TRM Heavy duty

TRM HD trailers are designed for earthmoving applications. Thanks to their efficiency, durability and a wide array of accessories, the trailers are the perfect transportation solution for contractors as well as large farms. The extensive accessory selection of the TRM HD trailers guarantees their suitability for any transportation application. These features make the trailers extremely versatile and user-friendly. For example, the hydraulic suspension improves manoeuvrability and safety.

Product features

TRM Heavy duty - For durability

Special steel providing durability

The HD trailers are manufactured of special steel with robotic welding. The body sheets are made of Hardox steel that offers three times the yield strength and multiple times the durability of the regular Fe52 steel, which is typically used on the trailer body. The high level of yield strength of the steel ensures that the body can withstand hard impacts without deformations. The double grade special steel further enhances the trailer's sturdiness. Furthermore, this extremely durable structure is achieved without any additional weight.

Convenient extension cassette

TRM HD trailers can also be equipped with a convenient extension cassette that significantly increases the purposes of use of the trailer. The extension cassette has a quick-attachment possibility and can be conveniently installed on a trailer with, for example, a front loader.


Traffic equipment

The equipment required in a tractor used in public roads – such as sidelights, outline marker lights, mudguards, brakes for all four wheels and emergency brake – are available for the Multiva TRM HD as optional extras.

Technical tables

HD - Technical data

Trailer model TRM130HD TRM160HD TRM 180HD
Body volume 7,9 9,9 10,5
Body volume with extension 15,2 19 20,4
Body volume with silage extension - 36,2 38,8
Capasity, tons 13 16 18
Axles Boggie Boggie Boggie
Brakes 4 wheel (300x90) 4 wheel (300x90) 4 wheel (300x90)
Inner dimesions L*W*H 440*238*75 550*238*75 590*238*75
Height with standard tyres, cm 180 190 210
Full width, cm 255-260 255-260 255-260
Tip/oil volume, l 5/14,2 2*6/30 2*6/38
Thickness, bottom/sides, mm 6/4 6/4 6/4
Steel quality, bottom/sides hardox/hardox* hardox/hardox* hardox/hardox*
Standard tyres 500/50R17 550/45R22,5 600/50R22.5
Weight w/standard equipment, kg 3120 3850 4580


  TRM130 HD TRM160 HD TRM180 HD
Flip down tailgate without upper part X X X
Flip down tailgate with upper part X X X
Combi tailgate* X X X
Extension cassette for flip down tailgate X X X
Extension cassette 70cm X X X
Spillguard front** X X X
Silage extension - X X
Body cover X X X
Rollcover - X -
Shovel holder X X X
Grain hatch*** X X X
Black body, yellow chassis X X X
Excavation body (sides 6mm, bottom 8mm) X X X
Mudguards and sidelights - X X
620/40R22.5 tyres - X -
710/40R22.5 Vredestein - X X
710/50R26.5 Vredestein - - X
Pressure reduction valve for brakes X X X
Bogie stabilisation cylinders - X X
Trailer-ball coupling Scharmuller* - X X
Tool box Parlok 800 X X X
Rear hitch X X X
Rear hitch without el. and hydr. X X X
Rear working lights LED X X X
LED rear lights X X X
Mechanical adjustable jack X X X

*Includes flipdown tailgate with side opening upper part
**Cannot be used with extension
****Needs drawbar suspension

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