Strong and exact Cerex coulter

Optimal seeding result

In Multiva seeders the seed and fertilizer are fed through the same coulter close to each other but separately. The fertilizer is placed through the front side of the coulter to the bottom of the seed furrow. Seed is fed through the rear of the coulter to the seed furrow slightly above the fertilizer.

Precise working depth adjustment

The exact seeding depth is ensured by the individual control for each coulter separately with the closing wheel. Thanks to the closing wheel which runs behind the double discs the seeding depth is constant and unaltered also in uneven fields. Individual coulter adjustment with the closing wheel is also beneficial because the hopper filling level or soil type variations don’t affect the seeding depth.

High coulter pressure

Multiva Cerex seeder has a high 120 kg coulter pressure which is a high pressure for a seeder for cultivated soils. The sturdy coulter construction, generous coulter pressure as well as sharply cutting double disc coulter ensure high seeding precision even in minimum tillaged fields with a lot of plant residue.

Maintenance-free design

Cerex seeders have a coulter design which is very durable but yet service-free. The double-disc coulter with a large diameter is very wear-resistant. The coulter frames are connected to the seeder with rubber elements thus protecting the coulters from impacts like stone hits. Thanks to the coulters design no lubrication points are needed in the construction.

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