Large wheels for increased stability

Safe on the roads

In Optima EVO 600-700, 380mm single wheels in center section and in EVO 800-1000, 480mm single wheels in center section are used.
The wheels are mounted to the far side of center section, increasing the support width and thus stability on the roads. Even at higher speeds on the road, the machine is extremely stable and safe.

Narrow design and brakes increase safety

The transport width of the Optima EVO 600-800 cultivators is only 3 m, making the road transfer safe.
In Optima EVO both 1-line hydraulic brakes as well as combi-brakes are offered. The combi brakes offer a dual system that can be used flexibly with different tractors. Both brake systems include a mechanical parking brake.

Large wheels for great carrying capacity

The new single wheels are distributing the weight onto a larger area compared to the boogies of most other manufacturers.
This fact ensures optimal conditions for the following crop and a good carrying effect even on lighter soil types.
In addition, the big wheels keep the vertical movements while working in the soil on a minimum and the machine is very stable even at higher speeds.

Stability on the field

The bigger diameter of the single wheel compared to boogies helps reduce the rolling resistance and improves efficiency.
The combination of the big single wheels and boogie construction on the side sections brings the best from two worlds and ensures a very stable machine that can adapt to changing contours in the field.

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