TRM 13/16/18

TRM 13/16/18



TRM 13/16/18 trailer - Meets your needs

TRM is a sturdy, high-quality and cost-effective general purpose trailer. Its versatility and durability make the trailer a sensible, efficient choice for a variety of transportation applications. The trailer can handle earthmoving and grain transportation with uncompromised efficiency.

The TRM trailers require fairly little space to operate, making unloading easy even in smaller facilities. Trailer heights vary between 2.7-2.8 m with the grain extension and open tailgate. The hydraulic tailgate can be retracted on top of the extension without increasing the height of the trailer.

Product features

Sturdy, completely welded body

The chassis and the body of the trailer are welded throughout with robotics. The body is made of Strenx high-strength steel. The lower edges of the body are bevelled, and there are no transverse welding seams on the inner surfaces, making unloading easy even with smaller dipping angles. The TRM trailers feature higher volumes compared to trailers of other manufacturers in the same capacity class.



Practical extension cassettes

Multiva TRM trailers can be equipped with optional extension cassettes. The heavy-duty steel extension cassettes provide an easy and economical solution to extending the capacity of the trailer for transporting lighter materials. The extension cassette can be conveniently mounted on the trailer with, for example, a front loader.

Technical tables

TRM - Technical information

Model TRM 13  TRM 16 TRM 18
Body volume, m³ 7,3 9,2 9,9
Volume with extension, m³ 14,5 18,3 19
Volume with silage extension, m³ - 35,5 36,2
Capasity, tons 13 16 18
Axles Boggie Boggie Boggie
Brakes 2 wheel (300x90) 2 wheel (300x90) 2 wheel (400x80)
Inner dimesions L*W*H 440*238*70 550*238*70 550*238*75
Height, cm 175 185 210
Full width, cm 260 260 260
Tip 1*5 2*6 2*6
Need for hydraulic fluid in tip, litres 13 30 30
Standard tyres 500/50-17 550/45-22.5 600/50-22.5
Weight, kg 2850 3150 4150

TRM Accessories

Model TRM 13 TRM 16 TRM 18
620/40R22.5 wheels - X X
500/50-17 wheels - - -
Extension, 70 cm X X X
Silage extension - X X
Body cover X X X
Light covers X X X
Grain hatch X X X
Flip down tailgate X X X


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