Topline Cross

Topline Cross



TopLine Cross – Superior cultivation power

TopLine Cross is at its best when cultivating heavy clay soils. The harrow is equipped with eight tine rows. The spacious and clog-proof harrow is perfect for sections with reduced tillage machinery chain. Cross is a superior harrow for seed cultivation of pre-cultivated soil. The harrow is suitable for special applications, such as sugar beet cultivation. The harrow is capable of reaching a cultivation speed of up to 15 km/h.

Multiva experience

The fields of Jussi and Satu Taruma's farm in Jokela, Tuusula, consists mainly of heavy and sandy clay soil. The cultivation window for heavy clay soil, in particular, is very small, requiring powerful cultivation equipment. All spring cultivation fields are disc cultivated in the autumn and prepared for seeding with a harrow. Some sections have also required an additional shallow disc cultivation run in the spring.

Last spring the farm switched from Multiva Mega XL to TopLine Cross 800. ”We were looking for an aggressive harrow that would be able to maintain the cultivation depth under varying conditions. The multiple sections, heavy weight, sturdy tines and the large tyre surface area were definitely promising. We could also modify the harrow for stubble cultivation by removing the intermediate levelling board and some tines,” Jussi Taruma says.

Satu Taruma, who has been mostly driving the harrow, has been pleased with the consistency and adjustability of the machine. ”I have not had to take many measures between soil variations. The harrow ran smoothly, performing on an excellent level in terms of both the cultivation and the seedbed. We were able to finish all sections with two runs. The double boards in the front levelled and crumbled the ground, and the dual blade of the front levelling board ran smoothly without clogging. The cage roller and the rear harrow worked well together.

”The harrow was steady on the road, and I had no problems transporting it even at 50 km/h. We were able to meet out cultivation quality requirements, reducing the amount of runs. We are very pleased with the acquisition,” Satu and Jussi summarise.



Product features

New-generation tine

The high and aggressive Multiva TerraSuper -tine creates an extremely even seedbed and excellent cultivation results.

  • The strong and high, 12 x 65 mm Terra Super tine is utilised in TopLine Cross and TopLine Super XL harrows
  • The strong material and size of the tine guarantee an excellent cultivation result even in the most demanding conditions.
  • The height of the tine is 50 cm from the attachment point to the tip of the blade.
  • The tine holds very well the cultivation depth.
  • 60 mm blade as a standard feature
  • 140 mm goosefeet blade as an alternative

Manufactured of strong material, Multiva TerraSuper is an extremely robust tine. The tine produces an even seedbed and good cultivation results on any kind of soil. The Multiva TerraSuper tine’s excellent cultivation attributes are utilised in Multiva TopLine Super harrows that also enable seedbed cultivation in stubble.

Best sprouting with Multiva

Even working depth means an even seedbed and cultivation layer, which ensure the best possible conditions for sprouting. Multiva TerraFlex and TerraSuper tines have an excellent tine geometry that maintains the working depth under load better than equivalent tines on the market. This ensures the best and most even seedbed for sprouting.

Levelling and crumbling with double levelling boards

The TopLine Cross models come equipped with two levelling boards with spring tines as standard. An excellent cultivation and levelling effect is accomplished with the double levelling board design. The tine rows between the levelling boards loosen the soil to be crumbled by the middle levelling board. The levelling boards are hydraulically adjusted, and can easily be adjusted in relation to each other with a crank. The levelling and crumbling capabilities of TopLine harrows can be further enhanced with a rear levelling board.

TOPLINE CROSS seedbed cultivation

TopLine Cross is an excellent seedbed cultivator for farms that concentrate both on ploughing and light stubble cultivation. It suits very well the idea of intensive cultivation where a field is primary cultivated before the actual seedbed preparation. TopLine is at the cutting edge of seedbed cultivation.


Thanks to its two standard levelling boards and rear levelling board that is available as an accessory, TopLine Cross is excellent for levelling soil after ploughing or cultivation. Humidity in soil is preserved for sowing, and even drying of the field is guaranteed by levelling.



On a ploughed field

TopLine Cross is in its element when performing an effective seedbed cultivation on a ploughed field. TopLine Cross with robust tines, wide blades and dense tine spacing produces the most even seedbed compared to the rivals. In addition, effective double or triple levelling board equipment enables a very strong crumbling with fewer passes.

On a light stubble cultivated field

Multiva TopLine Cross is suitable for seedbed cultivation of fields that have been stubble cultivated in the autumn, thanks to its excellent vlog-proofness. -The robust and high TerraSuper tine produces an even seedbed.

Rear harrow that deflects

Rear harrow has now possibility to deflect if the harrow is reversed against obstacle. Curved and releasing shape of the tine makes clogging free action possible on the minimum tillaged soils.

Effective crossboard blade

Middle and rearboard has new blade that cultivates the soil effectively. The brilliant shape decreases sticking of the soil in the surface of the blade significantly.

Technical tables
Topline Cross 600 700 800 900 1000
Number of tines 72 82 93 105 119
Tine spacing, mm 80 80 80 80 80
Number of tine axles 8 8 8 8 8
Working width, cm 600 680 780 880 1000
Frame length, cm 410 410 410 410 410
Transportation width, cm 300 300 360 360 440
Transportation height, cm 315 355 385 430 440
Power requirement, bhp 120 150 180 210 240
Tyres 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16 340/55-16
Weight, kg * 5020 5620 6440 7110 8390

* incl. rear harrow and levelling board

Accessories of Topline Cross harrows

Topline cross 600 700 800 900 1000
Cage roller X X X X X
Rear harrow, 2-row X X X X X
Rear levelling board X X X X X
Hydr. depth adjustment Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Side section boggie Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
340/55-16 tyres Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Spare wheel X X X X X
Light set X X X X X
Front support tyres X X X X Standard