Disc cultivators

Multiva disc cultivators

Multiva disc cultivators are developed for the most difficult conditions and measure up to the demands of modern farms. During product development the suitability for different kinds of cultivation and seeding types was a key area of focus. Thanks to the carefully considered and tested details, Multiva DiscMaster cultivators are true multipurpose cultivation machines.


Primary tillage

Multiva DiscMaster cultivator is a effective machine for primary cultivation in stubble. Primary cultivation can be made in two phases, if the conditions are favourable. In the first phase cultivation is made at a shallow working depth to hasten the germination of weeds and volunteer grain. In the second phase, cultivation is made at a greater working depth, with the goal of mixing the soil with the germinated plant matter - creating an ideal seedbed.


Secondary tillage

The DiscMaster’s properties are well suited for the secondary tillage of stubble, as well as already cultivated fields. With the disc cultivator a level and uniform seedbed is achieved. This helps to ensure germination and prevent the loss of moisture by evaporation.


Effective mixing of soil

With the disc cultivator a high hourly output be achieved, large surfaces can be cultivated in relatively short time. Even with machines of smaller working widths. Rapid cultivation is beneficial for example when incorporating slurry after spreading. Slurry has to be incorporated soon after spreading, in order to avoid the loss of valuable nitrogen and other nutrients. Multiva DiscMaster cultivators are ideally suited for this task.


Multiva Disc Master has mounted and towed models!