S-tine harrows

Multiva S-tine harrows - for demanding conditions

Multiva harrows are designed to guarantee the best possible foundation for a successful harvest. The harrows can be adapted to different sowing requirements. Multiva harrows are an optimal combination of productivity, durability and cost-effectiveness and they are designed to meet the needs of a modern farm.


Operating principles of Multiva harrows

  • Multiva S-tine harrows are designed to produce an even seedbed and field surface, a good crumb structure and the right crumb distribution.

  • The even seedbed is achieved with effective and aggressive, new generation Multiva Terra tines. Their geometry, cutting angle and springing characteristics together ensure the best result in evenness of the seedbed.

  • The crumbling ability of the Multiva harrows is based on the aggressive multi levelling board technology and the range of reliable cage rollers in which Multiva has always led the way.

  • The high quality rear harrow finishes the surface and leaves different sized crumbs in the right order.


Multiva has three modern S-tine harrow models

  • Optima T: a competitive range for medium sized farms and variable soils
  • TopLine Cross: efficiency for clay soils
  • TopLine Super XL: this super harrow is excellent for light stubble cultivation, seedbed preparation of already cultivated soil as well as straw harrowing.


Correctly designed tine

The Multiva TerraFlex tine is rigid and durable with good depth-holding ability. Thanks to its optimal tine geometry, the tine hardly rises from the cultivation depth. As a result, depth alteration is also minimal when the soil type changes. 

Manufactured of strong material, Multiva TerraSuper is an extremely robust tine. The tine produces an even seedbed and good cultivation results on any kind of soil. The Multiva TerraSuper tine’s excellent cultivation attributes are utilised in Multiva TopLine Super harrows that also enable seedbed cultivation in stubble. 



Practical working-depth adjustment 

The working-depth adjustment of Multiva harrows has been redesigned. Adjustments can now be easily made with mechanic adjustment plates. Thanks to the hydraulic circuit with a double check valve, the working-depth adjustment is reliable and possible leaks in the tractor’s hydraulics section, for example, will not cause any changes in the harrows’ position.



Even seedbed

The Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Helsinki has studied the factors contributing to the evenness of the seedbed produced by the s tines. The study examined the flexibility of the s tines under a workload as well as the evenness of the seedbed in practical tests. The study found that Multiva's tines produced the most even working depth under a workload as well as the most even seedbed.


Excellent clog-proofness

We pay special attention to the penetration of the harrows. It is a very important factor on minimum tillaged ields with a lot of straws and plant residue on the ield surface. The tines in Multiva harrows are divided between seven, eight or even nine axle


Durable bearing

The bogie structure of Multiva harrows incorporates a durable tapered bearing. The hubs also incorporate a durable tapered bearing with safe dimensioning.


Torsionally strong frame

The frames of all harrows incorporate two or three robust frame cross beams and 60-mm tine axles. The double- or triple bar structure and the robust tine axles as well as the Double Grade special steel increase the torsional strength of the frame and thereby the harrow life. TopLine Cross and TopLine Super XL harrows have outer frame bars height of 120mm, which means in practice 54% stronger frame construction than with 100mm bar height.


Efficient front levelling board with double blade structure

All models have a standard hydraulic front levelling board with robust  tines that ofer an excellent levelling performance. The unique dual blade creates an excellent crumbling effect and cutting action even on hard soils. The dual blade penetrates plant residue effectively, chopping it simultaneously. Full wide board also available for maximum levelling effect.


Efficient rear levelling board

The design of the levelling boards focuses on their cultivation ability and ease of adjustment. All harrow models have a rear levelling board with spring tines as an option, which improves the levelling and crumbling effect significantly. The levelling boards are hydraulically adjusted, and can be adjusted in relation to each other.