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Multiva seed drills - Perfect choice for the demanding user

Multiva Forte seed drills

Multiva seed drills represent the most reliable, versatile and exact seeding technology in the markets. Machines are built in Finland using best materials and the drilling units ingenuity is based on the advanced coulter which ensures successfull and troublefree seeding in all conditions.

In Multiva drills combi-technology is used, in which the seed and granular fertilizer is drilled at the same time through the same coulter. In all conditions very good separation of the seed and fertilizer is achieved and the placement is exceptionally accurate. Thanks to this number of coulters in Multiva drills is smaller than in traditional combi drills. Power requirement and also fuel consumption per hectar are also smaller but with higher work capacity of the drill. With Multiva the planned seeding depth is always achieved regardless of the conditions and preceding cultivation method thanks to high coulter pressure. Even true direct seeding is achieved effortlessly.