AVARAN – Versatile and effective

Multiva Avaran is an S-tine cultivator for effective seedbed preparation in minimum tillaged and plowed fields. Light stubble cultivation is also possible in good conditions with 12cm tine spacing. Thanks to eight tine axles the Avaran is very spacious and clogging-free. The strong andeffectivee 10x65mm TerraSuper tine together with the spacious construction makes the Avaran a reliable S-tine cultivator for a wide range of conditions.

With goosefeet tine points the Avaran is very well suited for the seedbed preparation in organic farms. With overlapping goosefeet the weeds are controlled in every cultivation pass.


New Multiva TerraSuper tine aggressively vibrating and crumbling 

    Aggressive Multiva TerraSuper tine creates very even cultivation result

    • In Avaran cultivator strong and tall 10 x 65 mm TerraSuper tine
    • The material and the size of the tine ensure excellent cultivation effect even in the most demanding conditions
    • Tine height 50 cm from the frame connection to the tine point
    • Holds its preset working depth exceptionally well
    • 60 mm wide tine point as standard
    • As an option 140 mm wide goosefeet point

    Multiva TerraSuper is a thick and rigid S-tine. TerraSuper tine used in the Avaran has aggressive vibration characteristics. Tines ability to break the soil is in it’s own class. Strong vibration also helps the flowthrough of the plant residue.


    Open construction

    In Avaran S-tine cultivators eight tine axles are evenly distributed across the whole frame's length. This is the basis for the open and spacious construction that allows the plant residue to flow through without clogging. The long 3,3m frame allows good clearance between the tine rows. The tine spacing is carefully researched and tested for optimum clogging resistance.


    Overlapping goosefoot point

    Multiva Avaran cultivators can be equipped with overlapping goosefeet points as an accessory. Avaran equipped with goosefeet produces extremely even seedbed. Goosefeet are very effective tools to control the weeds, every cultivation pass cuts the weed roots and brings them to field surface. With goosefeet Avaran is very effective cultivator for organic farming.


    Effective rear accessories

    For Avaran cultivators combination of two rear accessories is recommended. This ensures great crumbling effect as the effective rear accessories complete the TerraSuper tines aggressive vibration.




    AVARAN in a nutshell

    • Open construction
    • Eight tine axles
    • Sturdy NEW Multiva TerraSuper 10 x 65 mm tine
    • Aggressively vibrating tine with high cultivation effect
    • Very sturdy and long frame structure
    • Rear harrow which deflects when reversed against an obstacle
    • Unique dual blade in the front leveling board
    • Sufficient tine weight
    • With goosefeet points very well suited for organic production


    Tekniska tabeller
    Avaran 500 600 700 800
    Number of tines 63/42 75/50 87/58 97/64
    Tine spacing, mm 80/120 80/120 80/120 80/120
    Number of tine axles 8 8 8 8
    Working width, cm 500 600 700 800
    Frame length, cm 330 330 330 330
    Transportation width, cm 300 300 300 300
    Transportation height, cm 270 300 340 390
    Power requirement, hp 110 140 180 220
    Tyres 250/65-14,5 250/65-14,5 250/65-14,5 250/65-14,5
    Number of tyres 6 8 8 8
    Weight, kg 3385/3200 3840/3620 4175/3920 4510/4220