Forte S / XT

Forte S / XT




Multiva Forte machines represent the most reliable, versatile and accurate seeding technology on the market. The unique coulter technologies of Multiva machines guarantee accurate results in all conditions. Seed and fertilizer are seeded at the same time with the same coulter at different depths. Multiva Forte is suitable for both cultivated soil as well as direct seeding. By choosing the Multiva seeding method, you can flexibly adjust to different conditions, the technology is proven by thousands of happy customers since 1984.

MULTIVA FORTE S and XT are drilling machines with mechanical feeding that differ from each other by coulter technology. Robust mechanical feeding, advanced control and monitoring system together with strong and durable construction ensure long service life and reliability in all conditions.


The multi-purpose Multiva S-universal coulter is ideal for all soil and cultivation types. It does not clog even under the toughest conditions. Coulter's extensive hydraulic pressure (50-175 kg) can be achieved even with empty hoppers.

The patented Multiva XT-precision coulter achieves uniquely accurate sowing results, as the working depth is adjusted on the sidewheel that’s located on the side of the coulter. The side wheel is slightly ahead of the disc, so that the plant residue is cut better and hairpinning is avoided. The coulter pressure is set hydraulically (50-200 kg).


The Multiva method is perfectly suited for varied farm conditions and different cultivation methods.

Cultivated soil

The Multiva method, based on the primary tillage and separate seedbed preparation, produces precise sowing and uniform sprouting in all conditions. Suitable seeding aſter S-tine cultivation, power harrowing or disc cultivation based seedbed preparation. The Multiva method is not as demanding for the smoothness of the seedbed as sowing with a conventional sowing machine (max 120 kg / coulter).

Minimum tillage

In many circumstances, light cultivation of the soil is helpful in germinating of the volunteer grains, in the control of weeds, and in speeding up the drying and warming of the soil. Light cultivation before sowing is done with the Multiva Topline Super harrow or disc cultivator. Cultivation can also be carried out using the seeder’s own front cultivator.

Direct seeding

With Multiva Forte, direct seeding can be achieved in all conditions, even in the toughest soil due to the high coulter pressure. The maximum coulter pressure can also be achievedwith empty hoppers. The front straw harrow is the preferred accessory for direct seeding. The front straw harrow cleans straws before the coulter and spreads straw piles.


Accurate sowing and strong sprouting

Thanks to the unique coulter structure of the Multiva drills, the seeding depth remains uniform even on uneven fields. The XT-coulter’s side wheel adjusts the seeding depth exactly as it goes right next to the coulter. The S-models have depth control with the covering wheel, which runs immediately aſter the coulter.
Seed and fertilizer are placed from the same coulter to seedbed close to each other. Fertilizer is fed from the front of the disc to the bottom of the seedrow. The seed is led from the back of the disc to the seedrow slightly above the fertilizer. The seedrow closes due to the packing effect of the covering wheel and the rear wheels, so that the seed is guaranteed to get good soil contact. When the fertilizer is placed in the same seedrow near the seed, the nutrients are immediately available for the seed, so the sprouting is fast, even and strong.

Easy and wide-ranging adjustment of coulter pressure

The coulter pressure of Multiva seeders is adjusted by means of hydraulics between 50-200 kg. During driving, the adjustment can be done easily and accurately from the tractor cabin. Thanks to this, accurate seed depth is achieved even on hard soils. The visual display shows the user the coulter pressure, so that the adjustment can be made conveniently while driving, for example on varying soil types.


Precise adjustments

In Multiva seeding machines, the adjustment of the seeding quantity is done by controlling the length of the feeding roller as well as controlling the rotational speed of the feeding axle, thus achieving excellent seed quantity accuracy even for small seeds. The unique seed control equipment of the Multiva drill allows for a large amount of fertilizer and seed to be sown. It is also very easy and fast to make a calibration test. Calibration test troughs travel conveniently with the machine.

Cost-effective seeding

The pulling resistance of the effective soil-cutting double coulter is small and there are fewer coulters than in traditional seeding machines. In addition, due to the large diameter of the transport wheels, the rolling resistance of the seed drill in the field is small. Due to these factors, the power requirement and fuel consumption of the Multiva seed drill are low. The Multiva seeding machine is cost-efficient and fast.


Large seeding capacity

Multiva Forte sowing machines have the most spacious hopper on the market. The large container size and the high maximum speed guarantee an excellent work achievement. The dividing wall of the hopper is adjustable and the roller cover of the hopper is self-rolling.


Effective front disc cultivator

A front disc cultivator is available as an accessory. A disc cultivator is ideal for supplementing the seedbed preparation, or even for stubble cultivation in connection with sowing. Mixing of the soil is very good thanks to large disc diameter and aggressive disc angle.




Lubricating hoses

Front packer wheels

Front levelling board


Rear harrow

Front straw harrow




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Forte drills

Forte S300 S400 XT300 XT400 FX6000
Working width, cm 300 400 300 400 600
Transportation width, cm 300 409 300 409 300
Hopper filling height, cm 210 210 210 210 300
Weight, kg 4200 5500 4200 5500 9300
Hopper volume, l 3500 4800 3500 4800 8000
Coulter pressure, kg 50-175 50-175 50-175 50-200 50-250
Tyre size 250/80-18 250/80-18 250/80-18 250/80-18 500/50R-17
Number of coulters 20 26 20 26 36
Row spacing, mm 150 154 150 154 167
Work speed, km/h 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12
Power requirement, bhp 90 120 90 120 200
Seeding automation RDS 200 RDS 200 RDS 200 RDS 200 RDS ISOCAN

Specifications are subject to change without notice.