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TR Trailer



TR trailers - Safe and Versatile Solutions

The new TR utility trailers feature innovative transportation solutions that facilitate everyday operations. The trailers are very mobile on roads and fields, facilitating transportation while reducing fuel consumption. The extremely durable trailers are made of high grade steel.

Multiva experience

Jo Poppe is farming the Elingård farm in Gressvik, near Fredrikstad of Østfold county, Norway. His farm produces grain, grass feed and milk. The farm has 300 hectares of grain land. Grass is produced at 80 hectares for the farm animals, with some of the produce sold on the market.

The farm’s soil types range between sand and clay, which is why Poppe has chosen the Multiva Optima T600 harrow, which is suitable for varying soil types. Basic cultivation is done with traditional ploughing. 1 or 2 runs are sufficient for seed cultivation. The farm also uses Multiva's products in their harvest process. The Elingård farm has relied on Multiva's equipment for grain transportation for a while now. The previously used TR190 trailer served very well, encouraging Poppe to increase his transportation capacity by procuring a new TR 250 trailer. The procurement has already proven its value in service. The annual transportation figures range between 1,500-2,000 tonnes. 

”I have had very positive experiences in terms of the functionality and performance of Multiva machines. Multiva and the retailer have been very accommodating, and we've enjoyed solid collaboration.” 

Jo says the machines meet the farm's needs perfectly, particularly due to their practical features. For
example, the large capacity of the TR 250 is excellent match for the farm's kiln. In the north, the harvest season is limited, which means that the harvesting and drying chain must be very functional. The right-sized trailer that can fill up the kiln in one go makes harvesting significantly
smoother. Jo Poppe appreciates the sturdiness of the TR 250. ”Multiva is a true pioneer. Their machines are sturdy,” Poppe summarises.


TR Trailers - Quality, durability and capacity


New, innovative body structure

Thanks to the edging of the side plates and heavyduty support beams, the body is stronger and larger than before. The conical body made of high-strength steel with robotic welding offers excellent unloading performance under all conditions. The hydraulic tailgate is made of a plate that has no welding joints. This makes the structure highly resistant to wear and tear.

Versatile trailer

The versatile accessories of the TR trailer product line ensure its suitability for various applications. The larger models have hydraulic suspension as a standard feature, making the trailer incredibly steady on the field, on the road and even during unloading. The mobile rear axle makes even the larger models easy to handle. The trailer's capacity can be easily and quickly increased with a feed extension cassette.


User-friendly solution

Our trailers have been developed with emphasis on safety and user-friendliness. For example, the practical roll cover option improves the trailer's practicality and occupational safety. The user is able to cover the trailer manually from the ground. The tarpaulin is rolled over the trailer with a winch delivered which is included in the delivery.







Durable tailgate arms

Tailgate arms are made of solid plate - it does not contain any weldings. This makes the structure very resistant and durable. Hydraulic tailgate has an automatic and reliable locking.



Practical ladder and a window

The plexiglass window in front side and fixed ladder make the trailer safe and comfort for the user.




Tailgate and grain hatch

The tailgate is situated totally outside the body of the trailer, which quarantees excellent emptying of the body in tipping. The compression of the tailgate seal can be adjusted. The grain hatch is now bigger than before.

Données techniques
Trailer model TR200 TR230 TR200HD TR250HD TR300HD
Volume standard, m³ 21,2 23,4 21,2 23,4 26,4
Volume with extension cassette, m³ - 25,6 - 25,6 28,8
Volume with silage extension, m³ 35,8 39,5 35,8 39,5 44,5
Technical capacity, t 16 18 16 18 20
Axles Bogie Bogie Bogie Bogie 2-axle / hydr
Brakes 2 wheel (300x90) 2 wheel (400x80) 2 wheel (400x80) 2 wheel (400x80) 4 wheel (420x180)
Drawbar suspension - - hydr. hydr. hydr.
Inner dimesions L*W*H 160*230*575 160*230*575 160*230*575 160*230*635 160*230*715
Height, cm 280 290 280 300 300-325
Total width, cm 255 255 255 255 255
Standard tyres 550/45-22,5 600/50-22,5 550/45-22,5 600/50-22,5 600/50-22,5
Tip 2x6 2x6 2x6 1x5 1x6
Tip oil requirement, l 30 30 30 37 45
Weight, kg 4140 4370 4250 4950 5950



Equipment packages TR200 TR230 TR200HD TR250HD TR300HD
Road -package X X -   -
Grain -package X X X   -



Accessories TR200 TR230 TR200HD TR250HD TR300HD
Sidelights X X X   -
Mudguards X X X   -
Grain extension - X X   Standard
Silage extension X X X   -
Limiter chain for tailgate X X X   X
Light covers X X X   X
Grain hatch Standard Standard Standard   Standard
620/40R22.5 tyres X - -   -
600/50R22.5 tyres - X Standard   -
600/55R26.5 tyres - X(only with road-package) X   X
650/50R22.5 tyres - - -   X
710/40R22.5 tyres X(only with road-package) X -   -
710/50R26.5 Vredestein - X(only with road-package) X   X
4-wheel brakes X X Standard   Standard 6-wheel
4-wheel brakes for road package X - -   -
Trailer-ball coupling Scharmuller X X X   X
Toolbox Parlok 800 X X X   X
LED rear lights X X X   X
Hydr. jack X X X   X
Bogie stabilisation cylinders X X -   -



Bogie stabilisation cylinder

Multiva TR chassis can be equipped with bogie stabilisation cylinders. Cylinders move the support point of the trailer from the center of the bogie to rear wheels. This moves weight to drawbar for example during tipping. This option is handy when large silage trailers are  pulled with small tractors

Silage extension

Thanks to the silage extensions that is available for TR Safe trailers quick change from usage to another is possible. Thanks to sturdy steel extension and conical body shape TR Safe trailers are exceptionally well suited for silage transport.

Safe roll cover

Handy roll cover is an convenient accessory for TR trailers. Thanks to it the covering and uncovering of load is easy and safe. The cover is easily rolled from side to side and the tailgate can be opened both when the body is covered or not. Roll cover also increases the volume of the trailer.

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