Multiva Rumbler

Multiva Rumbler – Efficient and customisable

The Rumbler is a heavy-duty roller that can be customised for various applications with optional front levelling board and seeder device. The sturdy built of the roller guarantees a long service life.

Multiva Rumbler field rollers exist in two different working width. They are solid and firm tools for consolidation and packing of the soil. Multiva rollers are easy to use with minimal requirements from the tractor. The large tyre size ensure safe transport on the roads as well as good oating in terrain and on fields.

Product features

Sturdy Rumbler

The simple yet robust construction of the rollers mean long lifetime with sufficient weight for effective work. The Multiva rollers have aggressive cambridge style discs and breakers with optimal shape for best possible crushing and packing effect.

Featuring a front levelling board and a seeder unit, the Rumbler roller is an excellent choice for crumbling ploughed ground, levelling and reseeding of grasslands as well as packing the soil aſter seeding. The heavy-duty 12 x 80 tine of the front levelling board provides very efficient levelling.

Use accesories to create a roller for your specific needs

There is  a selection of accessories available for Rumbler, that helps you to make your roller perfect for your needs.

  • A strong front board is an accessory that is suitable for levelling purposes
  • A stone box is a practical place for stones picked up from the field during working
  • For example hay or undersowing can be sowed simultaneously with rolling with practical seeding unit
  • Shaft extention makes life easier when using dualwheels or seeding unit


Technical tables


Model Rumbler 620 Rumbler 820
Working width 620 820
Number of sections 3 3
Cambridge ring diameter, cm 49 49
Ring axle, mm 60 60
Transport width, cm 250 250
Tyres 400/15.5 400/15.5
Power requirement, hp 80-100 100-120
Weight, kg 3580 4410

Rumbler  - accessories

Rumbler 620/820 Available
Front board X
Stone box X
Seeding unit X
Shaft extension X

Specifications are subject to change without notice