Forte FX

Forte FX



The Forte FX 6000 is an air seeder that utilizes the new Multiva FX coulter technology. Fully independent coulter units are individually pressed hydraulically, keeping the seeding depth constant at the whole width of the drill despite the roughness of the field.

Accurate seeding depth, high air volume, and therefore large seed and fertilizer volume per hectare, strong and reliable construction and large hoppers make the Forte FX seeder the best and most cost-effective choice for both direct seeding and seeding cultivated soil.

Product features

The largest hopper on the market (8m3) with an adjustable wall. Thanks to the large tank, the refill frequency is lower and the work achievement is high.




Thanks to its large tyre size, the machine is light to pull in the field while the rolling resistance is small even on soſt terrain. The optional front levelling board with aggressive twin blades enable sowing even directly to plowed soil.




Easy operation thanks to the advanced RDS iSOCAN control and monitoring system. Precise and powerful electric feeders allow large feed rates for both seed and fertilizer, but also for precise sowing of small seeds.

Technical tables

Forte drills

Forte S300 S400 XT300 XT400 FX6000
Working width, cm 300 400 300 400 600
Transportation width, cm 300 409 300 409 300
Hopper filling height, cm 210 210 210 210 300
Weight, kg 4200 5500 4200 5500 9300
Hopper volume, l 3500 4800 3500 4800 8000
Coulter pressure, kg 50-175 50-175 50-175 50-200 50-250
Tyre size 250/80-18 250/80-18 250/80-18 250/80-18 500/50R-17
Number of coulters 20 26 20 26 36
Row spacing, mm 150 154 150 154 167
Work speed, km/h 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12
Power requirement, bhp 90 120 90 120 200
Seeding automation RDS 200 RDS 200 RDS 200 RDS 200 RDS ISOCAN

Specifications are subject to change without notice.