Multiva, Potila and VM After Sales under the same roof

The growth of farm sizes and increased require of the contracting of agricultural machines cause increasing demands on better performance and operational reliability of farming machinery. The durability and the quality of the maintenance of the machinery together with certain availability of the spare parts affect to machinery purchasing decisions.

In order to meet more effectively the customer’s existing and future needs Dometal Oy opened a new Service and Spare part Center in Loimaa, Finland. The roomy and spacious center serves in all after sales tasks of Multiva-, Potila- and VM –brands from 13th of January 2017 on. The stock contains all together over 2000 different items.

Dometal Oy has also invested in recruiting new staff aiming to improve customer service by supporting the customer throughout the machine life cycle. Customers are offered, for example, service directly on a farm, as well as factory refurbishment of farm machinery. The spare parts are delivered fast to all export countries.

We are waiting forward to serve you!

For further information please contact:

Dometal Spare Part center 
Karsolantie 3, 32210 Loimaa, Finland
p. +358 10 8437 020

After Sales Manager
Perttu Isosaari (on the right)
p. +358 10 8437 008

VM Spare Parts
Hannu Saari (on the left)
p. +358 10 8437 013