The new, ingenious concept: Multiva HookSystem

Multiva recently launched the new HookSystem –hook lift concept by bringing out the chassis of the system in KoneAgria exhibition, in Tampere Finland. The idea of the concept is to provide a cost-efficient and scalable transport solution for every purpose. The chassis of the system can be connected to a number of different bodies, that are each suitable for a different purposes. For example during harvest more bodies can be used with one tractor than otherwise is possible. Bodies can be transported for storage silos at later time saving resources for other operations during harvest.

The basic element of the concept - the chassis carries the name of the whole concept: HookSystem. Add-ons will be launched to the concept during the year 2016. In the future Multiva HookSystem will offer a solution for every transporting purpose.


Reliable and secure HookSystem

The new HookSystem concept is easy and safe to use, thanks to its innovative way of controlling the operations. In the concept there is no possibilities for electronic fails, since All the operations are made utilizing tractor's hydralic system, which makes using the trailer detached of electronics. 

Low pulling angle

Pulling angle can be as low as 18 degrees. That's why it's also safe and secure to change even fully loaded bodies.The maximum load when changing the body is 18tn (incl. load and the body). Boggie stabilization cylinders work automatically together with the locking of the body.

Lengths of the bodies 5,3-6m

Tekniske data
Technical data HookSystem 18
Capacity, tn 18
Pulling capacity, tn 18
Pulling angle, degrees 18
Tipping angle, degrees 53
Body length, m 5,3-6,2
Standard tires 600/50R22.5 (speed max. 40km/h)
Accessary tires 710/40R22.5 (speed max. 50km/h)
Axles Boggie
Hydr. axle suspension  Accessory (coming soon)
Tipping oil volyme, l 23
Body locking hydr.
Height of body supports, cm  120
Weight, kg 3650


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